Testing FAQ's


1) V Model
2) Difference between retesting, regression testing
3) QA QC
4) System testing
5) Smoke testing
6) Test plan contents and purpose
7) Date field test case
8)For writing system test cases what input we r taking
9) For writing integration test cases what input we r taking
10) SQA activities
11) Ad hock testing
12) Discussion between tester and developer regarding defects
13) What r the risks u faced while writing test plan and test cases.
14) When will u stop testing?
15) Diff between product process and project process
16) Defect life cycle.
17) Test life cycle.
18) White box black box
19) Verification validation
20) SQA methodologies
21) Test metrics
22) What is reliability metrics?
23) CMM levels
24) ISO model
24) What is tester role in CMM OSI
25) Process management.
26) What r the bug’s u found in your project
27) Have u done unit testing
28) Testing techniques
29) Testing levels
30) Tester role when releasing a project
31) What is the testing process in your company?
32) What are diff. types of testing you are used in your project?
33) What is functional and regression testing?
34) When will you go for automation?
35) Diff. types of testing methods?


31) Recording modes
32) Compile modules
33) Call use (batch test)
34) Exception handling
35) Win runner modes and its use
36) DDT program
37) Check points
38) Test folder hierarchy in win runner
39) GUI map editor use.
40) Difference of physical description 1) normal object 2) web object 3) virtual object
41) What are custom objects?
42) Use of analog mode
43) Synchronization point
44) What is silence mode in win runner?
45) How to get the text from web window
46) Any knowledge in web test
47) Parameterization teat
48) What are filters in win runner

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