E-Snips FAQ's

1- E-Snips Uploader Questions

 How can I install the eSnips uploader into my Firefox?

Please go to: http://www.esnips.com/help/page1.jsp, using your Firefox browser, and click on ' Install eSnips Toolbar for Firefox '. After completing the installation you would be asked to restart Firefox, just close the application and reopen it.

 How can I uninstall the eSnips uploader?

To uninstall eSnips please click on: start->Settings->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs and then click on eSnips.

 Is there an eSnips uploader for Mac?

Currently our eSnips uploader only supports windows and not Mac, and it`s only compatible for internet explorer and firefox and not for safari.
You can use either explorer or firefox on your Mac, but you will only be able to upload files via browser.

 Which operating systems are compatible with the eSnips uploader?

Currently our eSnips uploader is only compatible with windows XP and windows 2000.

 I tried to sign in but the following error appears: ‘0x800xxxxx’, why?

It`s either a firewall or a proxy problem.
We are aware that there is a problem, and we are doing our best to try to fix it.
It may help if you would send us your proxy settings so we would know how it is configured.
In case you are using a firewall, please allow access to the eSnips uploader

 Do I need to open any ports for using the eSnips uploader?

There`s no need for you to open any ports for downloading, because
eSnips works on port 80, just like your internet connection.

2- Sharing Questions

 If I invite a friend to share my folder, is it just a one-time invitation?

Once you have invited someone, this person can always visit that particular folder until they are removed from the members` list.

 When inviting a friend, does he need an eSnips account to view my folder?

In case this person has already signed to eSnips in the past, he is asked to sign in first, otherwise he does not need a password and he will be sent directly into the shared folder. You can always view the members that visited your folders.

 Is there an option of hiding my contact list from my members?

Currently there is no option of hiding the list of contacts from your members, so for now, each one of the members can see the entire list.

 What is the best option of sharing files with lots of other users without the need of invitation?

You should try to open a public folder by going to 'My Shared Folder' click
on 'New Folder' then choose public folder.
For changing an already existing folder to a public one just click on the folder and choose 'Share with the world' option, check the box to allow anyone on the
Internet to access this folder using this web address, give the folder a name and save.

 Where can I view My friends Folders?

When you receive an invitation from another user to share his folder, a link will automatically be added to 'My Friends Folders' in your account.

 Can anyone enter my public folders?

Every user who knows your public folder’s address would be able to enter the folder. If
you don`t want other members to find your folder, don`t add any tags to it. Everything
you store on a public folder can not only be viewed by others, but it can also be
downloaded. If you are not willing to give other users access to a file, please do not
upload it to a public folder.

 Where can I see all the public folders of a user?

When a user clicks on the ‘About Me’ button, he can see the entire public folders of that member. He doesn’t see all the other folders, like group shared and private folders.

 How can I change a public folder to a group folder?

In order to change a public folder to a group folder, just enter the folder and click on ‘Sharing Preferences’, then uncheck the ‘Allow anyone on the Internet to access this folder using this web address’ option, and save changes. To share this folder with other members, please click on ‘Manage Members’ and invite your friends. You should see your folder in ‘My Shared Folders’.

 How can I change a public folder to a private folder?

In order to change a public folder to a private one, just enter the folder and click on ‘Sharing Preferences’, then uncheck the ‘Allow anyone on the Internet to access this folder using this web address’ option, and save changes.In case the folder is shared with other members please remove the entire members list. You should be able to see your folder in ‘My Private Folders’.

3- Questions About Files

 Where can I view/manage my uploaded content?

First you should sign in to your account at http://www.esnips.com, there, all the information you uploaded will be available for download. The uploaded files are arranged in your folders
After choosing the desired folder you can delete/download any file that is stored there.

 Do you delete unwanted files?

Please read about our terms of use at: http://www.esnips.com/statments/terms.jsp.
As long as a user has not violated any terms, we won’t close the account or delete any of his files. Before our system deletes a file/folder/account, the user is notified.
We don’t delete files that unless they contained some malicious materials.
If a user uploads an entire movie in small parts, (50Mb limitations) then these files will of course be deleted.

 How can I rename a file after it was uploaded?

To rename uploaded files you must first sign into your account., enter one of your folders so you can view it`s entire content.
To rename a file simply choose 'edit'. You can also change it`s description and source.

 I wish to link my file to a website, can I get the url?

You don`t have a url for your files because there isn`t a direct link to your files.
A user can`t send a direct link to a file but he can send and invitation to a shared folder, all the files in that specific folder will of course be shared.

 How can I move my files between folders?

The check box is used mainly for moving your files from one folder to the other.
You simply check which files you wish to move and then you click on 'move', you will be asked to specify which folder you wish to move your files to.

 Which formats are not supported by eSnips?

Currently the formats that are not supported by eSnips are 'exe', 'bat', 'zip' and 'rar'.
A user can upload compressed files like ‘rar’ and ‘zip’, but not larger than 5MB.

 Is there some upload limit per file?

Yes, we set some restrictions in order to prevent too many server resources from being used by a file upload process:

1) Uploading a file via mail has a 10MB limit.

2) Uploading a file from website has a 10MB limit for the upload, for example, if you are uploading 5 files, you have to make sure that their total size is no more than 10MB.

3) Uploading a file via eSnips uploader has a 50MB limitation.

So, as you can see, when using the uploader, one can upload up to 50MB at a time.

 Which sorting options are available?

You can sort the files in your folders by: file, user or date.
Sorting by 'file' sorts the files by their names.

 I accidentally deleted one of my files, can I somehow restore it?

No. Once a user has deleted the content that was stored on his eSnips account, the content is gone for good. There is no option of retrieving it, since no copies were made.

 Can I download more than one file at a time?

Unfortunately there`s still no option of downloading more than one file at a time.
Currently we don`t support that feature, but we will certainly consider adding it at some point in the future. The functionality of downloading multiple files simultaneously could be very handy.
We are constantly working to improve our products and adding new features for our users to enjoy.

 Why can`t I move one of my files into a folder?
Apparently the same file already exists in your destination folder.
You can have 2 files with the same name as long as they are not stored on the same folder.

 How can I move more than a few files?

Please view the files in your folder in ‘Details’ mode, it will enable you to check a lot more files than in any other view.

 Can I save my files in any order?

You can sort your files by using the ‘Arrange’ button in your folder.
After selecting ‘Arrange’ you are taken to a screen in which you can choose your desired order using drag and drop. Afterwards, don`t forget to click on ‘Save Order’.

4- E-mail Questions

 I haven`t received your confirmation e-mail, how can I activate my account?

First of all let’s make sure you haven’t gotten the confirmation e-mail: Please go to the ‘junk mail’ folder in your e-mail account and look for the confirmation e-mail there (your anti-spam software might have sent it directly to your ‘junk mail’ folder).

If the e-mail is nowhere to be found, try signing in to your eSnips account again, to prompt resending the confirmation e-mail.

If you don't receive it the second time (don’t forget to check the ‘junk mail’ folder), and have another e-mail account, I recommend that you open a new account with the other e-mail address.

 Why do you use only auto generated Emails?

We use auto generated emails for a couple of reasons, but mainly for security ones.
Please be careful not to publicize the email address that was generated for you on any site, you are the only one who is supposed to know the address.
In case you see that some of the files in your folders are not yours, please change your given email by generating a new one on our web site.

 Do you provide email address to all your users?

No. We don`t provide email addresses for our users. Our users can only use those addresses for uploading their files.

 I tried to upload some files using the mail feature, but I can`t see my files anywhere, what should I do?

There shouldn`t be a problem if your email was saved correctly.
Log on to eSnips and click on 'Upload by E-mail', click on 'Change e-mail', and don`t forget to click on 'I`m done' afterward.
Unless you hit the ‘I`m done’ button, the change won`t take effect.
Now try sending a file to your new assigned mail.

 I don't want to receive any email, will you send any?

No. We are not sending our users any mails, but if you were invited to share someone’s folder, you will receive notifications of change in the folder from time to time, but you can remove yourself from the members’ list, so that you wouldn’t get any e-mails whatsoever.

5 - Connectivity Problems

 I received an Invitation, but why is the link not working?

The reason you can`t use this link is either it`s not a shared folder anymore or it was deleted.
Try signing in at http://www.esnips.com, you should be able to see it in your friends folder

 Why sometimes I`m being asked to log back in?

Our website has a timeout of 20 minutes, that means that if you`re logged in to your account but you didn`t perform any action for a period of 20 minutes, you will be signed out automatically.
Please let us know If you are being asked to log in a much faster rate than the time that was mentioned above.

 I added eSnips to favourites and checked the ’Remember me on this computer’ option, so why am I asked to sign in each time I use the link?

Apparently the page you added to your favorites isn`t the right one, please make sure that the page address is http://www.esnips.com, and not http://www.esnips.com/signin/index.jsp.

6- Using eSnips Questions

 Can I close my account?

No. In case a user hasn`t logged on to his account for a period of 3 months, his account will be closed automatically.

 Will I be able to use eSnips as a Ftp account?

Currently there is no option of using eSnips as FTP account.
E-Snips allows people to share files, which can only be downloaded directly from the site.

 Is there a way to download an Html file?

Currently there is no option of downloading an html, but you can of course save it. When clicking on the file it opens in a viewer.
If you are using internet explorer as your browser, click on 'File'->'Save As…'
In Case you are using Firefox as your browser, just click on 'File'->'Save Page As…'

 Which languages does eSnips support?

Currently we only have support English, but in the future we would like to add support in a few more languages.

 Can I open another eSnips account and move my folders between accounts?

There`s no limitation for number of accounts for user, so you can open another account with your new email address, and move all the folders from your last account to your new one.

 Can I use google web accelerator on your site?

We had some complaints from users that were unable to connect to our site because of it, so if you experience some problems and you have google web accelerator running on your machine, please try to configure it not to accelerate eSnips website and see if it works.

 I can`t download a picture, just save it from browser, does it damage its quality?

Users can`t download their photos, they can only save them, which is basically the same as download. Saving uploaded images won`t damage the quality of the photos.
Before saving a photo, please make sure that you are viewing the photo in it`s original size.

 Will you improve the slideshow feature?

We are working on improving the slideshow feature by adding a timer which will switch photos automatically. A user will also have the option of viewing photos in full screen.

 I noticed that the source of each file is shown, isn`t it a hacking risk?

You can view the source of all things that were uploaded from the web or pc, so you could know where they were originally taken from.
Let us assure you that there is no danger of hacking into your computer just because the source of the documents is shown. Privacy wise, if you prefer not showing the source, please click on the 'edit' icon in your folder and change it.

 Does your site use cookies?

Your privacy is very important to us, so we feel obligated to address the issue.
Setting cookies doesn't provide access to anything on your computer.
The site you are accessing can read only the cookie that it has itself placed on your computer. Cookies are used by almost all web sites and services in order to connect repeat visits from the same computer and offer a more personalized service.
You can always turn off the use of cookies in your browser, but if you do so, you will notice that certain features of many web sites you visit become unavailable.
However it is your decision.

 Is there some kind of a download limit (bandwith)?

There is a download limit of 1GB per day. That means that a user can only download a total of 1GB a day. We figured that it would be enough.
All the folders of a user have a combine download limit of 1GB per day. You cannot download more than 1GB per day from your folders.

 What is screen capture?

This cool feature actually allows a user to capture a particular part on the screen.
After clicking on screen capture, please choose a desired shape (ellipse, triangle, etc…), then choose your desired selection. After right click, you can choose to upload it to one of your folders or simply copy it to your clipboard for later use.

 I clicked on ‘Forgot My Password’, and when I used the link you sent me, a Sign In page appears?

A user can use the "Forgot Password" link only once. The first time you click on the link it will lead you to a page in which you can change your password. After you used the link once, the next time you’ll click on it, you will be guided to your 'Sign In' page.
Please do the entire process again, and click on the link just once.

 Which protocols are you using?

We are using Http and Soap.

 What is the ‘Remember me on this computer’ box on the login page?

You can sign in to your account automatically by checking 'Remember me on this computer' on eSnips homepage. After checking the box and signing in, eSnips sets a cookie to remember you next time you return from the same computer of course.

 Can I use eSnips on Internet Explorer 7?

E-Snips haven`t been tested on Internet Explorer 7 yet. As you know, Explorer 7 is a beta version, (much like eSnips in fact), but once it will be released, you can be sure that eSnips will be fully compatible with it.

 Why did I got a ‘Failed upload - maximum number of documents reached’ message?

When you get a “maximum number of documents reached”, that means that you can no longer upload files into that folder. Each folder can store 1000 files. Please upload your files into another folder.

 Are you using RSS and XML?

We do provide RSS in the site. When you visit other members` public folders, you can keep up to date with the changes that were made to them.
Once you click on the RSS icon, simply select ‘RSS’ and you would get the XML.

 Can I use my RSS reader with your site?

Enter a desired folder and click on the RSS icon, now right-click on the first link (RSS) and select ‘Copy Shortcut’. Now simply copy the link into your feed reader.

- Why are you Converting my video files to FLV formats?
These days we are converting all video formats to FLV (flash based) for the following reasons:

1. Flash video playback is supported on multiple platforms, unlike the other video formats. This allows more people to view your file without needing plug-ins and players.
2. Videos played back in flash load faster, and start playback sooner than the other formats.
3. FLV format is the standard and most popular format today.

A Link to downloading a popular FLV player:

- How do I install the “Uploader” on firefox browser?

Please go to: http://www.esnips.com/help/page1.jsp, using your Firefox browser,
and click on ' Install eSnips Toolbar for Firefox '.

- Why am I getting an error message every time I type the letters I’m asked to type in the registry process?

We haven’t been able to reproduce this issue here, but will continue to look into it.
Please try to go through the process again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

- I’m A MAC user; can I use all of your services?

You can use either explorer or firefox browsers on your Mac to use our site, but you won’t be able to download and use our toolbar seeing as our eSnips uploader only supports windows and not Mac’s operating system.

We are working on making all of our features available to MAC users using ‘safari’ the browser.

- What operating system and browsers are best suited to use your website?

Currently our eSnips uploader supports windows operating system only (winXP, win2003, win2000), and it’s only compatible for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.
To make our website available on your Mac you can use either Explorer or Firefox, but you will only be able to upload files via website.

- How do I sell my items on esnips

To find out all you need to know about selling your items on eSnips Please go to ‘sell stuff on eSnips’ under ‘Things you can do’ on the right of your homepage, after signing in.

- How do I learn more about eSnips?

Please go to ‘eSnips home’ on your homepage after you sign in, then click on ‘Take a tour’ at the top of the page to the right, to find out everything you need to know about eSnips.

- How do I unshared a folder

When you are inside the specific folder you want to turn to private, click on ‘Sharing Preferences’ (on the right, under ‘Things you can do’) and uncheck the box next to ‘Allow anyone on the Internet to access this folder using this web address etc.’.
When the checkbox is empty it means the folder is private. Then press on ‘save changes’ and you’re all done!

- what is my URL for my space?

You have a specific web address only for:
1. Your profile- If you click on your name on the homepage, after you are logged in, you will get into your profile webpage, and see a unique web address you can copy or save on your ‘favorites”.

2. When you define a public folder, it will have a unique web address which you will be able to see when you get inside the folder, and again you can copy the link or save it on your ‘favorites”.

Creating a public folder:
Go to 'My Shared Folder' click on 'New Folder' then choose public folder.
For changing an already existing folder to a public one just click on the folder and choose 'Share with the world' option,
check the box to allow anyone on the Internet to access this folder using this web address, give the folder a name and save.

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