1) What are on-demand online exams?
 Those exams which one can demand any time by sending an exam enrollment form & DD if applicable, for
which the slots can be booked within the given dates.
2) Where do I find more / detailed information or procedure for On Demand Online exams on website?
 You can find more / detailed information or procedure for On Demand Online exams on our website
www.scdl.net in students login itself under the link of Exam form on the left side menu of student centre.
3) How and when can we send the exam enrollment form?
 One has to fill the exam enrollment form, needs to take a print of the exam enrollment form, available on
SCDL website in student centre and send it to SCDL by post between 1st to 20th of every month.
4) When can I book my slots?
 You can book the slots from 1st to 25th of the same month in which the exam form is processed. Those
students whose exam form is uploaded on website between 22nd and 31st of the month (i.e. after the last
date of uploading the data on website for the month) can book the slots in the immediate next month
between 1st-25th for next 3 months. For e.g. Data released on SCDL website between 22nd Jan 08 uptill 21st
Feb 08 can book their slots between 1st Feb 08 to 25th Feb 08.
5) Can I book for few subjects now and few subjects later?
 Yes you can book the slots for the few subjects now & few subjects later, but on or before 25th of the same
month for next 3 consecutive months.
6) What will happen if the exam enrollment form reaches SCDL after 20th of any month?
 In this Condition, the form will be uploaded/processed in the next month’s session and booking will be done
in the same month for next consecutive 3 months (as explained in the above).
7) What will happen if you do not book the slots in the stipulated period?
 The slot booking date will lapse & the student will have to send the enrollment form again with the fees
(Rs.150/- for Civil & Defense students and US $ 5 for NRI per subject) for the subjects which he/she has to
appear again.
8) When I click on ‘book exam slots’ link on the left hand side menu of student centre a blank screen is
appearing. Why?
 This might be because you haven’t send the exam form to SCDL, in this case you have to first fill the exam
enrollment form & sent it to SCDL for processing. Moreover, after the details are uploaded on SCDL
website the screen will give the list of subjects for which booking is released. Then you can do the
9) Why has my exam enrollment form not uploaded in my login?
 There might be some discrepancy in the exam enrollment form sent by you that is why it must be kept on
hold, if received in SCDL, for e.g.:
I) Subject applied is already cleared.
II) Less fees paid (i.e. fees paid for re-appearance for the no. of subjects applied is less).
III) DD & enrollment form sent separately.
IV) Excess fees paid.
V) Exam Enrollment Form containing a subject/s for which you have already applied in
previous month, but the result or booked/unbooked status has not yet been
communicated to scdl.
10) When does a student need to repay for the exams?
 Following are the conditions when a student needs to repay if form is submitted and the same is released
from SCDL on website:
a) However, slots are not booked.
b) Slots are booked but student remains absent for exams.
c) Appeared for exams, But unable to clear the papers.
d) All 2004 & 2005 batch students need to pay for each paper.
e) No 2006 & 2007 batch students should pay for fresh/1st attempt papers as one time exam fees
already included in the program fees. They will be paying for the same only in case as mentioned
above in point # a),b),c).
11) Can I appear for the same paper in the same month? What will happen if I want to do so?
 No you cannot appear/apply for the same paper immediately in the same month. In addition, even if you
apply then the form will not be processed in the same month but rather it would be kept on hold to be
processed for the next month’s session and will be released again only after the result is declared as
failed/absent for that particular subject. Once the details are released on SCDL website then the slot
booking will be done between 1st-25th of that month for next 3 months (as explained in point # 4).
12) Will we receive the exam enrollment form every month, on our communication address?
 No, you will have to fill the exam enrollment form online in student centre, need to attach the dd (if
applicable or if repaying for the subjects) & then take the print of the form and dispatch it to the institute.
13) If I am appearing for the first time, what should be mentioned in the dd details?
 If appearing for 1st time please ignore the dd details options (fill the dd details only if applicable).
14) Can I change the exam booking centre once booked?
 Once the bookings are confirmed any changes in the booked slots are not possible.
15) Does the hall ticket need to be attested?
 No, but you need to paste your passport size photograph on it and need to carry it to the exam centre at the
time of appearing for the exam along with your SCDL ID card.
16) As I have paid only first installment, am I eligible to appear for exams?
 No, only the students whose full program fees is paid and is reflecting in his/her account are eligible for
17) If my admission is provisional, but I have paid full program fees can I appear for the exams.
 No, you are not allowed to sit for the exams if admission is provisional and you have paid full program fees.
18) When would be results declared?
 On 12th of every month the results would be declared in student’s login (Performance sheet) for which you
have appeared in the previous month.
19) Will I get the mark sheet of the exams that are appeared by me?
 Yes, you will be sent the hard copy of the exams appeared by post at the end of every semester or 6
monthly. Moreover, the exam results will be declared online in your respective student center’s login id after
you appear for any exams.
20) Can I give the exam for a subject for which I have appeared and cleared OR can I give any
improvement exams, for passed but with unsatisfactory marks, for a subject?
 No, you cannot give any such improvement exams for cleared subjects. It is only in the assignments that
the highest marks of the three attempts taken will be considered.
21) Do I need to repay even if I have not booked for the slots?
 Yes, in this case the student needs to repay because, as the institute is receiving the form it means it is a
confirmation from the student’s end that he/she is willing to appear for the papers from the desired centre,
so the slots are kept vacant (at the aptech end for which the institute is charged ) for the student.
22) If I complete the procedure of filling the exam form, but fail to save the copy of the same, then what?
 In this case we have made two options in the same link (i.e. If want to view & print, previous selected
subjects for the current month; If want to select new subjects then select the option whichever
applicable) so that the student can view & print the exam form again.
23) Can I apply for Re-evaluation for any paper?
 No, You cannot apply for re-evaluation for any paper as it is
24) What If I loose my Hall Ticket?
 If the Hall Ticket is lost you can login in into the booking link on our website and take a printout of the
subject wise Hall Ticket as that record will still be available for you to view but you will not be able to make
any changes in that.
25) Until when can I apply for the exams?
 One has to clear the subjects within the validity period of registration.


sejal said...

have already sent the filled examination form at scdl before a week but yet the details of the form are not uploaded in my login. If it is possible for you kindly let me know the procedure or how can i contact at scdl for the reason to know why it is not uploaded.
My email ID is sejalparmar@lambda-cro.com.
Waiting for your positive reply.
Thanking You


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I am not been able to open the scdl website on my pc.
Please tell me what are the reasons for it.
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