A turning point

Jaavli’s conquest is of prime importance, to grasp the vision of
Shivaji. This region was so difficult to conquer that Malik Kafur,
who defeated the Seuna Yadav Dynasty of Devgiri in the 13th century,
lost 3000 men in the attempt. Mahmud Gavan too was defeated while
conquering this region. It was one of the most isolated regions in
entire India, and remained aloof from Muslim dominance throughout
history. Shivaji maintained an amicable relationship with Chandrarao
More of Jaavli. Chandra Rao was a title given to the Ruler of Jaavli.
The real name was Daulat Rao More. After death of Daulat Rao, Shivaji
made Yashwantrao as ruler of Jaavli. These events are of 1647, when
Shivaji was 17. Here again we see the vision of his father working.
Later, in 1649, Afzal Khan was appointed Subhedar of Vai region, to
mitigate the growing influence of Shivaji in Jaavli. Mohammad
Adilshah was ill; Afzal Khan was busy in Karnataka expedition. Taking
advantage of this situation, Shivaji attacked Jaavli in 1656 and
conquered it in one stroke. Yashwantrao fled to Raigadh, which
Shivaji subsequently captured after three months. Yashwantrao was
captured and sentenced to death for his activities against Maratha
State and Shivaji proclaimed assimilation of Jaavli in his Kingdom.
Strategically, this valley is of immense importance as it oversees
the routes into Konkan and Goa.

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