The Revival

Shivaji laid low for 3 years after his escape from Agra.
Meanwhile, he implemented various land reforms in his lands. Shivaji
and his minister Annaji Datto were the main pioneers of the land
reforms introduced. He started the practice of giving regular wages
to soldiers. From 1669 onwards, he unleashed himself on Mughal and
Adilshahi territory in Maharashtra. His revival was further
instigated by growing fanaticism of Aurangzeb shown by his
destruction of Hindu temples like Kashi Vishweshwar and Mathura and
countless others along with imposition of Jiziya Tax on Non-Muslims.
He not only regained the lost territory but also conquered new one.
The expansion of Maratha state was alike in land and sea. Entire
western Maharashtra, parts of Southern Gujarat and Northern Karnataka
were brought under Maratha dominion. Land reforms were introduced
which increased his popularity amongst the masses immensely. At the
time of his coronation in 1674, his influence was substantial enough
for others in India to recognize him as a formidable power.
Especially, his rebellion against Aurangzeb made him a hero amongst
the new generation of Hindus.

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