New Web Site Faqs

Why a new web site? The legacy CME and CBOT sites were meeting my business needs.
Following the July 2007 merger of CME and CBOT and the creation CME Group, it became
important to serve our customers by providing all company data on a single Web site. Similarly,
we have recently transitioned to a single electronic trading platform, CME Globex, and are in the
process of consolidating our open outcry trading onto a single trading floor. While we understand
that transitions can seem disruptive at the time, we are making every effort to minimize those
disruptions, and believe that streamlining and consolidating our business practices in these ways
will indeed serve you better.
Are the legacy sites, and, still operating?
At present, the legacy sites are still available while we continue to work to ensure that we have
successfully transferred everything from the legacy sites to the new site, and that
the new features on are also fully functional. The extensive size and complexity of
the legacy sites have made the transfer a challenging task, although we are making good
progress towards completion.
For what browsers is the site optimized?
At this time the site is optimized for Internet Explorer 7.
Do I need to have javascript enabled?
Yes. Javascript must be enabled for proper site function.
I can’t seem to find floor options data on the new site. Is it there?
We are in the process of bringing that data over to the new site. Please use the legacy sites until
further notice.
The daily delayed data on the three sites is different. Which site is correct?
All the sites are correct, but they operate on different time delays. This issue will be resolved
when we have completed the transition to the new site.
The daily volume data on the three sites is different. Which site is correct.
Again, all three sites are correct. The legacy CME and CBOT sites report data differently, so you
can’t compare the three volumes. CBOT, for example, does not include block trades and other
outside trades in its snapshot reports, but CME does. This issue will be resolved when we have
completed the transition to the new site.
Where should I go for Advisories and Notices?
We are currently working on advanced functionality for the Advisory lookup on the new site. Until
the new functionality is operating, please go to the legacy sites for Advisories and Notices.
Where should I look for the most current product information?
All three sites are being maintained and updated at this time. The only exception is the CME
Globex section on which directs users to the new site for the most updated content and
forms. We do encourage you to use the new site for content unless otherwise noted.
Will any of my old links be forwarding to the new site?
When the transition to the new site is complete and the legacy sites are no longer available links
to pages you have bookmarked on and are likely to break.
However, this is not true of all links. For a short period of time:
• The two main site addresses, and, will automatically forward to
• The Top 100 most frequently used links will automatically forward from their old
addresses; however, we encourage you to bookmark the new locations as soon as
possible during this period while the CME and CBOT sites are still available
• Many of our “friendly” URLS, such as, will continue to work.
Where can I find Daily Volume and Open Interest?
There are several places that this information is available including within the individual products.
To view all products, please use the Daily Volume and Open Interest report available in the
Market Data Services section (
Has my access to tools, such as MyCME and EOS, changed?
Our tools still function as before, with the same login information you are already using.
What can you tell me about the setup of the new
We designed the new site to be more user friendly and easier to navigate than the legacy CME
and CBOT sites. For example:
• An intuitive “left nav” bar provides easy movement throughout the site
• Product jump boxes take you to product information from all pages
• Resources are sorted by user group: futures traders, options traders, brokers and others
• Quick Links are customized for each section
How can I find what I need on
You can search three ways:
• Using the left navigation
• Use the site map
• Use the improved search engine, powered by Google
What if I’m still lost?
Contact Customer Service at 800-331-3332 or via e-mail at Outside the
United States, please call 312-930-2316. We will provide feedback within 24 hours, 48 hours on
weekends and holidays.
What if I just want to make a comment?
Please send all general comments to

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