1. What is OMG standard?

  2. what is RUP? Explain its different phases.

  3. what is 4+1 view architecture?

  4. what is use case centric approach?

  5. what are the various case tools? Explain its significance.

  6. what is UML metamodel?

  7. what are stereo type, tagged values and constraints.

  8. what are classes and objects?

  9. what different types of classes – active passive abstract,

persistent classes.

  1. class diagram is in which view?

11. What are use case diagrams ? Where & why it is used?

12. What are functionalities & how are they depicted in use case diagram?

13. Components of use case diagram.

14. Component of all diagrams.

15. What is multiplicity, visibility, role names & association class.

16. Difference between aggregation & composition.

17. Difference between generalization, specialization & inheritance.

18. What are interfaces & ports & where are they used?

19. What are CRC methods compare with class diagram.

20. What are interaction diagrams? Represent which view. How many sequence diagrams should be there for a system?

21 What are different types of messages in sequence diagram?

22. What is the difference between sequence diagram and communication diagram?

23. What are state machine diagrams? How many state machine diagrams should be there for system. Represent which views?

24. Different types of states, state machine diagram & pseudo states.

25. What are timing diagram? What is its significance?

26. What are swim lanes with respect to sequence diagram and activity diagram?

27. What are event occurrences, executing occurrences, and interaction occurrences?

28. What are different interaction operators? Explain its use.

29. What are activity and actions?

30. What is the significance of package diagram? Explain its significance. Represent which view?

31. What are the strategies used in package diagram?

32. What are component diagram? Represent which view. Difference between component diagram and class diagram?

Explain similarity between component diagram and package diagram.

  1. Difference between component diagram and deployment diagram..

  2. What is forward engineering reverse engineering explain w.r.t. class diagram component and package diagram.

  3. Explain the use of UML diagram and commercial for application.

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