Visa Interview

Hello friends…

VI is just a 5 mins(mostly 2-3 mins) game!!! Just play it safe……rest all is in GOD Hands…..think positively and cake will be urs!!!

Mine interview was on 2nd of July…Delhi consultant…10.15 am………waiting line was not very long….

Every one has 2 thoughts in mind either feel bad by thinking rejection or very excited and happy by thinking acceptance... ….Lets move directly to Interview it will be more beneficial for all of u…!!!!

TIME 10.20 am…..there were lot of different thoughts going on in mind..then just Vo officer called me….

VO was a lady officer which I didn’t want….I always feel its difficult to handle Girls….but now some how have to manage ….

Me- Gudmorning mam(with fake smile)
VO- why US?(looks hard)
Me - For Study (befuddle to see her face)
VO- from where u completed UG
Me- Kurukshetra univ
VO- checked on comp.after that sd ok…
Me- Biotechnology(added in between)
VO- when passed out?
Me- 2006
Vo- whats doing since then…
Me- working with uttam laboratories…(not very true, had proof of work ex)
VO- worked for how long..
ME - told…(work ex chapter closed here)
VO- whats was ur % in UG
ME- 72.25 with distinction(added to impress her)
VO- what do u mean by distinction?
Me- (confused) told means university awarded honors degree ..
VO- sd good….(looking at I-20) so ur father is funding u?
Me – yes mam(pick up my file to pretend as ready to show financial docs…)
Vo- what ur father do.
ME- senior bank manager, in karnal
Vo- mother also working?
Me- yes..she is self employed. do trade in stock market and take coaching classes at home..(told lie to her)
Vo- what type of coaching classes?
Me- Teaches upto 8th standard. (Financial file was waste to bring…finances over)
Vo- ur Toefl score?
Me - 83 (knew her next question)
Vo- why so low score?
Me- (really don’t know what to say…one more lie)..There was some technical problem…
Vo- what type of technical problem?
Me- (true)my exam was on 7th January and due to ETS server problem my exam was postponed on 14 of jauary and(now its fake) the same problem was also on 14 was not able to perform well….(on 14th it was actually working very fine)
Vo- kept quite(was thinking something)
At this time I felt if she enquired then I will be gone…or if she believes then I can took ride of her..
Vo- ur GRE score is enough good to support ur toefl score.
ME- yes mam(bad score)…quant score is 750 and verbal score is 1130..
Vo- fine
End of this difficult phase…now she moved on to schools..
VO- how many schools u applied?
Me- 5
Vo- admissions?
Me- 3 aceptance and 2 rejections
Vo- rejections from where?
ME- UB and RIT
VO- why UTA?
ME- (have already crammed)so bakdiya
Vo- how u selected this univ.
Me- by checking course work and ranking at and also this univ have collaboration with SWMC ,texas dallas..and its ranking is very good..
Vo- what univ ranking and whats SWMC ranking?
Me- univ around 90 and swmc around 20.
Vo- again thinking after few sec sd good…
VO- any school?
Me- no..
Vo- from any other university?
Me- no,but at Nebraska lincon I got admit in Ph.D program and(now its fake) they assured me to give school when I will join program…
VO- which program?
Me- told,,,(and added) but I am going to UTA because have interest in biomedical specially in artificial organs!!!
Vo- that’s good
Vo- asked for my all acceptance and rejections letter…
Me- given(was just relaxing)
Vo-(while checking letters).what about ur brother..
Me-ya..younger brother and sisiter..
Vo- again asked , no I am asking ur brother is elder or younger…..
Me- younger…
Vo—again checked my offer letters..
Type some thing on pc…..I was not thinking any thing..just relaxing to give her more fake answers….
Then she sd….ok ur VISA is approved..and will be couriered in next 3 days…and returned my letters…

I was still not believing her words…was extremely happy and forgot to thanx her…..

Me-ok mam.
Just collected my all 3 files Now its time to party!!!!!! Ran outside to meet my parents who were waiting outside eagerly!!!

They were more happy then me… was really a memorable moment ……after that was the time to call friends..

May GOD bless all of us…

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